Dogs + Coffee + Wine + Beer + Wifi + Fun = Amazingness

We all love our dogs. At Promote KC, we love supporting the dogs and the great causes in KC. So, imagine a place that you can hang out with your dog, grab a drink, check some email and let your dog play and socialize at the same time! Dog Park KC, a Kickstarter campaign started by Quinten and Elizabeth Sepe, has 7 days to complete it’s campaign and become a reality!

With little time left, the Sepes are asking to raise $5000 to help their efforts in creating Dog Park KC, a 6,000 square foot INDOOR off-leash dog park with large bay doors that open up to an outdoor patio that will allow for airflow and outdoor play space on nice days. The park will serve beer, wine, coffee and various bottled soft drinks. Wifi will be available in a cafe area that one can hang out or work in while dogs roam and play. What a concept! We have all been there- after a long day, we want to grab a drink with a friend, but Fido needs to be let out and has been cooped up all day! If Dog Park KC gets funded, now there is an answer! Take Fido with you! The Sepes have picked out a spot in the Waldo area for the park and have many future plans for the place. They are seeking $5000 for Phase I of their plan and are almost there- they just need a little push to see this dream come true.

Kansas City is such a dog-friendly city, with many places accommodating dogs, but this would be a whole new concept. A great place to kick back and enjoy some time with friends and dogs. Future plans for Dog Park KC include offering DOG Park KC Hotel which is a personal brand of boarding with daily supervised exercise in the park. In a planned second phase, they intend to have pre-packaged local food and a weekend brunch. In a planned third phase, they would open DOG Park KC Daily which is a personal brand of day care with daily supervised exercise in a separate off-leash area. Lots of big plans for this place so let’s promote this KC cause and get it funded!


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