The Extraordinary in the Ordinary

I first stumbled upon Duane Hallock’s photos on Instagram. His colorful bright pieces of all my favorite spots in Kansas City are beautiful. Having just moved back to KC after 13 years, I was seeing places that I had not seen since childhood, but now, seeing them with a wonderful new perspective through his pictures. Duane captures these places, places, like the Nelson Art Gallery, the Plaza, West Bottoms, in different angles and light, showcasing the beauty of these sometimes taken-for-granted spots. I quickly followed Duane on Instagram and was happy to see that we were mutual friends with several people- his photos were spreading and at that time I hoped I would be able to find his prints. Last month, Duane launched his new website where now everyone can enjoy browsing and purchasing prints, canvases, and digital downloads.

About Duane

Duane started his photography hobby when he was in the 4th grade. He continued to hone his skills throughout his lifetime, taking photography classes throughout his education in college, but he found the classes too mechanical and continued his passion by finding a more artistic vision for his photos. Somewhere along the way, Duane lost his focus and “only shot the obligatory events like birthdays, graduations and family reunions” until a major, life-changing event took place. Duane developed melanoma and lost his eye-sight in his left eye. This changed his outlook and realized that as his eye-sight decreased, his vision increased. He sought out beauty in the ordinary around him and this beauty is now reflected in his photos.

Duane Hallock Photography: Kansas City Favorites &emdash; Downtown Interstates With his new website, he has one goal: allow people to see old things in new ways, and to become more aware of the incredible beauty that is often hidden in plain sight. His photos are unique and highlight the extraordinary in the ordinary. Though he grew up in Colorado and has lived in Tennessee and Oregon, he has seen many beautiful parts of the country, but states that he has “found nothing more beautiful than the subtle beauty of the KC metro area.” His photos, listed under Kansas City Favorites, reflect this beauty and he is now happy to share.

What started as a hobby, became a passion and now a wonderful way to promote our great city and favorite spots! Follow Duane on Instagram, read more about him on his blog, and support this local photographer by purchasing prints at These photos are sure to make great additions to homes and gifts for those of us that love all things Kansas City!

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