Freely Given Giving Back

This post might reach you a little late- I was surfing Facebook tonight and came upon a really cool shirt (I was looking for a new Royal’s or Chief’s shirt to wear this fall.) So, I found this shirt and then found the story behind it.

Freely Given is a KC based company that is giving back to help families in crisis. Their mission: “to help identify and be a voice for local families that have found themselves in the midst of a valley, an unexpected crisis. The Freely Given Movement gives their neighbors, friends, family and complete strangers the opportunity to come alongside their fellow Kansas Citians in order to build a unified community of love, encouragement, and support.”

Right now, the story is for Kit. Kit was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia right before her 3rd birthday.  Within 24 hours of the diagnosis, she underwent surgery to implant a port for the first dose of chemotherapy which she received promptly after the surgery, as well as a spinal tap for bone marrow samples. 86% of Kit’s blood cells are leukemia cells. Blood transfusions, hemoglobin count and steroids will be a part of this family’s daily vocabulary, their living, for a long time to come. She is now experiencing a “new normal” and has a long road ahead of her.

Freely Given is helping and giving back. Kit is their first story and have created a “Go Kit Go” line of cool KC based t-shirts that will give 90% back to Kit and her family to help with the cost of her home care. On their website, we see touching videos and pictures of Kit’s plight and the journey her parents are being forced to take. The KC shirts, cool urban tees that will rival others being sold in KC, are designed by two graphic designers from The School of Fine Arts at the University of Kansas, Morgan Georgie and Carrie Kiefer worked at Hallmark Cards for close to ten years.  In 2009, the team followed their long-time dream to start a company together, Ampersand Design Studio. 

Unfortunately, I found this a little late. Pre-orders are due by tomorrow AT 8:00AM! I am hoping that this is extended, or new designs come out in the Go Kit Go collection so we can spread the word. An amazing story- it deserves to be told.

But, as I said, this was their first story. Video journals and photos can be found here. Kit’s journey is hopeful but not without struggle. This family could use our help. Order a shirt tonight- check back in with this pretty cool company for more aspiring stories and apparel that matters.

Hoping and praying for little Kit.

#GiveLocal #ShopLocal #Hope