Those who instinctively charge in

Every day it seems disaster strikes somewhere around the globe, and for the people in these regions, their world is literally turned upside down. Life as they know it comes to a stand still, and it takes outside intervention to help them get back on their feet. We are talking tsunamis, earthquakes, eboli, refugees, wars and more. This often happens in third world or impoverished countries, where recovery can take months, if not years, to retain order, and get simple needs met, like clean drinking water, food to eat, medical care, etc.

As spectators from the West we often take life for granted, and involve ourselves to the point of only watching these disasters as they develop on CNN or Fox News. Or maybe we see it on Facebook, and hit share, or we retweet the story on Twitter. And realistically, the majority of us simply watch the story once, change the channel, and then go about our business, never to think about it again.

So who actually helps these people out during times of disaster?

Who are the front liners that go in when all hits the fan? Who are the men and women giving all they have, to make sure these people receive medical care, clothing, food, shoes, education, and more?

Who are the brave that instinctively charge in, when most of us want to retreat?  Say hello to Dr. Adam Beckett & His Corp of Global First Responders.

Dr. Adam Beckett and Gloabal First Responder Team.
Doctor Adam Beckett, Matt Ford, Matt Beckett, and JD Calvin with a group of local kids, during a recent trip to Haiti (February 2015). Where GFR helped build additions to the hospital, helped in the clinic, and provided medical education to the local nursing staff.

Global First Responders “are” The Front Line

Dr. Adam Beckett and his team of fellow doctors and volunteers are the ones working on the front lines. They help in places that need it most. Whether it’s a village hit by an earthquake; a town trying to recover from a tsunami; or a settlement that has no medical care anywhere in sight. The GFR teams go where they’re needed, and they don’t think twice about it.

Most of the GFR teams are equipped with Medical Doctors, nurses, and other volunteers who help with things like education, construction, general labor work, etc.  Each trip is unique and the needs vary per location, per volunteers available, and per strategy in coordination with other groups.

The man behind the mission

Dr. Beckett looks at a sonogram.

Dr. Adam Beckett from Columbia, MO felt a calling after the devastating earthquake that shook Haiti in 2010. With the lack of a centralized database for relief efforts, and an increasing demand for medical volunteers to assist in ares around the world, he began his mission to start Global First Responder, which is now a 501c3 organization in Missouri as of 2015.

As an ER physician at The University of Missouri since 2003, as well as, a Captain in the US Marine Corps, Dr. Beckett has used his skill set to develop a place to aggregate information on various world medical relief agencies; a place for individuals to share their stories and find ways to organize and fund relief trips all over the world.

Early on Dr. Beckett, funded many of the GFR efforts out of his own pocket, showing a complete dedication to the cause and his passion for helping others. Joined by fellow doctors from Mizzou, friends and family, GFR started to gain traction, as the idea of a centralized organization between groups was welcome by other relief organizations around the world.

Since 2010, GFR has grown by leaps and bounds, and to date has helped organize relief efforts in 8 different countries, with over 30 trips in that same amount of time. With the overall plan to continually add trips, recruit volunteers, and maintain a proactive approach to Global Health; GFR is only just getting started. 

The organization continues to strive for Global Unity when it comes to relief efforts in disaster areas and impoverished countries. With upcoming trips into Turkey to aid in Syrian relief work, India & Ethiopia coming in 2015-16, the teams at GFR are always ready to go.  Ready to lend a hand where ever they are needed.

Helping Make a Difference

Global First Responders not only connect people and medical professionals on how to help, they organize and take trips into these relief areas and dig in to provide both medical and humanitarian aid. Teams travel to these areas to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergency situations.

Back in the field this week.

The GFR crew will team up with My Little Patient, an organization that’s mission is to improve the quality of medicine globally, for a trip to Bangalore, India.

In Bangalore, they will work with the community to provide a healthier environment. They will conduct classes open to the public that cover topics from general hygiene, disease prevention, infant care, CPR and First-Aid training. Volunteers will also serve the community by repairing schools, orphanages, and building things in need for the community.

How can you help?

Watch the video below to become involved with Global First Responder, and to find out more information on volunteering.  Donations are always needed for the growing organization, and can be made at the GFR main site as well. Global First Responder is a 501c3 organization and your donation is tax deductible.

Please support people like Dr. Adam Beckett who is trying to make this World a better place one trip at a time. Donate now. Maybe if we all put others first for a change, we would see a world of difference in our own lives. In our own communities. We need more people like Adam for sure.