Iconic Shakespeare’s Pizza comes crumbling down, but fear not

For those that know Columbia, this was a sad event. Crowds gathered to watch the demolition. Good news: they have moved into a temporary location across the Parking lot, still insight of the iconic Columns on the MU quad – and for those of us there in the 80s and 90s- the “old Los Bandidos” building.

We look forward to August 2016 when the new building will open and they will return to the beloved corner on 9th. We will just have to wait to see if it still has the same feel as the old one.

COLUMBIA, MO (KTVI) – For 42 years Shakespeare’s Pizza in Columbia, Missouri has provided what they call “The Party!”Their location on Ninth Street has been a hot spot for generations.Besides having a great recipe, they go through one ton of flour and cheese a week plus five-hundred pounds of pepperoni.However, Monday June 17th will be a memorable one because it was the day the original Shakespeare’s came crashing to the ground.

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