Get Ya Some Cheeze, KC!

We have all been there. We see stars lose weight by simply giving up dairy or our new goal is to eat clean – often we stick to this plan…for a while, but find that healthy food can just get boring! With the holidays coming, it is hard to stick to your goals. We found a fabulous answer on a product that may help you cut down on the heavy cheese and eat healthy this season.

BareFood’n Happy!

cheezeLisa McCoy and Christy Lonergan began their careers here in Kansas City as certified health coaches. They launched Simply Healthy Kids, a 28-day healthy eating program for kids and their dedication to improving lives through better eating habits did not stop there. They launched Barefood’n Happy and introduced its first product in January 2016. Incredibly Delicious Cashew Cheeze Spread is a “cheese” spread that is actually made with cashews. This product is dairy-free, as well as gluten-free, soy free, cholesterol free, GMO free, vegan and paleo friendly.

AND, it is delicious. I stumbled on this product at a friend’s house and fell in love with my first bite. Even my friend’s toddler loved it. It resembles a hummus dip, but has the consistency of a cheese and makes a great veggie or cracker dip. Lisa and Christy have made eating this product in different ways easy as well – their blog is packed with healthy recipes of long-time favorite snacks transformed into healthier versions with the cashew spread. We tried the Cheezy Spinach Artichoke Dip and it was fantastic. Something definitely to serve over the holidays!

Incredibly Delicious Cheeze Spread hit Olathe’s Farmer’s Market this year and became a popular item, selling five cases in their first week of production! Their signature spread is cheddar in flavor and they came out with a spicy chipotle version that goes great with chips or veggies! Both spreads maintain their dedication to healthy eating and will be a welcome addition to any healthy diet!

The duo behind Incredibly Delicious Cheeze is currently working on new flavors and products to expand their line. The spreads can be found at several local retailers and grocers and during farmer’s market season, at the Olathe Farmer’s Market. It can also be purchased at the website

Give this cheeze a chance- great way to eat healthy and support local at the same time! Incredibly Delicious Cheese Spread LLC can be found on Facebook and Instagram. #EatLocal #ShopLocal #SupportLocal #PromoteKC

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