Lives will be changed. Communities will be strengthened. People will be fed.

Hunger is a horrible reality for many people living in Kansas City. What if, as a community, we could help provide a place for those that are less-fortunate to go and feel warm, safe, and well-fed?

KC Common Table is a non-profit in our city that is trying to build a better community through good food. The group, a member of One World Everybody Eats, has been working to identify crossroad communities with low access to healthy food, but with a thriving neighborhood network. Their goal: to create a “Pay What You Can Cafe” where the chef  will create innovative, healthy menus made with as much local food as possible. The community cafe will be a place where there will be help to care for fellow citizens by providing a hand up, not a hand out- if one can afford the suggested price or pay more, they will be providing a great meal for someone that cannot.

KC Common Table needs our help. Right now, a donation drive is being held so the KC Common Table cafe can become a reality in January. Donations of any denomination are being accepted to achieve 3 goals: hire a dynamic chef with a big heart, get the word out to vendors and other non- profits and begin the build out of the first community cafe. A donation of any amount will be appreciated and is tax deductible as KCCT is a 501c3 non profit company. Please donate at and help KC Common Table bring dignity and good food to our communities in need. #supportlocal #givelocal #promotekc