Designs By Patterson

Anna & Matt of Designs By Patterson create stipple art. Stipple art is created using a technique, where a series of dots are used to generate an image by varying the size of the dots & distance between them. For our day #1 of local gifts, we are happy to present their unique Arrowhead and Kauffman stadiums Tea Towels and T-shirts!

Perfect for any Chiefs or Royals fan, this flour sack tea towel has an intricate sketch of either Arrowhead or Kauffman stadiums on the towel in stipple art. This would be a fabulous addition for any memorabilia collection. Also for the sports’ fan, the same design on a Chiefs’ red or Royals’ blue t-shirt! Designs by Patterson don’t stay exclusive to KC in their prints- KState and Mizzou Stadiums are represented on t-shirts, and there is a wide variety of other MLB, NFL, and College stadium prints. Be sure to shop this local Etsy store, where right now there is free shipping for all orders over $30! Happy kick-off to the shopping and holiday seasons! #shoplocal #supportlocal #promoteKC


Promote KC will be shopping local this season, supporting small business in the KC area! Please let us know if you have a local product or know of a local product that you would like us to spotlight! Feel free to message us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or at [email protected]