I Now Wear Earrings!

I have had my ears pierced since I was 3 years-old. As a girl, I loved wearing earrings and jewelry, but as I grew up, earrings started to be a nuisance for me- too heavy, too noisy, some even started giving me headaches and hurting my ears. I quit wearing them all together in my 20’s, only occasionally picking up a pair for a special occasion (the last pair I remember buying on my own was for my wedding 14 years ago!) Until now. On a trip to Made in KC, I discovered Nickel and Suede and my outlook on earrings has been changed forever.

Nickel and Suede is a local Kansas City company that hand makes modern and casual leather earrings, cuffs and chokers. Founder Kilee Nickels first created an earring in her home with a gold leather that she had on hand for her first endeavor One Little Belt. She traced a tear-drop shape on the leather, fastened a hook, and Nickel and Suede was born. Together with her husband, they have been producing these fabulous earrings ever since.

These Earrings Are FANTASTIC!

IMG_20151225_172601 Nickel and Suede earrings are all made with soft, lightweight and flexible leather in beautiful, rich colors. The leather is so lightweight, it does not feel like you are wearing them. The very-thin silver or gold-filled hooks are so thin, again it is weightless, making the earrings so comfortable you forget you are wearing them. They come in the tear-drop shape as well as a tear-drop cut-outs and a straighter accent earring. The colors are fabulous with the traditional blacks, browns, and metallic, but also a huge array of bright colors and pastels. One line called “Game Day” has all the colors of local Kansas/Missouri teams including a “Team Gold,” “Team Purple” and “Team Blue” so you can cheer on your team in jeans and a t-shirt with some fantastic earrings to boot. Nickel and Suede’s collection is rounded out with leather cuffs, chokers, silver rings and some apparel items like t-shirts and scarves.

Nickel and Suede Store Grand Opening!

IMG_20151128_135306May 3rd brought epic heartbreak to Nickel and Suede. The building that they were creating a retail space in for their new store in Liberty, Missouri, partially collapsed. The building, which was over a hundred years old, was being renovated. No one was reportedly injured and the area around the collapse is closed until the investigation and clean-up work is finished, which could take quite a while.

They are bouncing back. Nickel and Suede’s first storefront will open at a relocated store on June 11! The Grand Opening is set from 4:00- 9:00 pm and the public is invited to come shop and celebrate these local, hand-made earrings that changed, for me, everything about wearing earrings!

Featured image courtesy of the Nickel and Suede Facebook Page. Pictured: The Minty Fresh Leather Earring 

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