First Came Camp Encourage…

Camp Encourage, a locally owned overnight camp in the Kansas City area is a special place.  Many parents that have kids with autism might never know the experience of sending their kids off to a place where their kids can be kids. But Kansas City, we are pretty lucky. We have Camp Encourage. In 2007, due to the community expressing a dire need for a quality overnight camp opportunity for children with autism spectrum disorder, two wonderful women Kelly Lee and Kaye Otten founded Camp Encourage. The initial camp session was held in 2008 and provided a camp experience for 36 local children. Following the session, the organization received a flooding of positive feedback. Interest grew rapidly despite little marketing and recruitment. By 2011, nearly 100 youth from Missouri and Kansas between the age of eight and eighteen were placed on a waiting list following a lottery for acceptance. In 2012, services more than doubled—providing two sessions of camp and allowing space for 86 campers.

And then came the ‘Rents

One of Camp Encourage’s biggest fundraisers is An Evening with the ‘Rents- a comedy show put on by autism parents, starring autism parents! Each year, a new crop of parents volunteer their time to learn and train with local comedians to craft hilarious stories from their lives into stage-ready material. As these parents would tell you, “The joke is us” and the humorous ways they and the rest of the world react to some very unique challenges. This year’s show is next Friday, March 9th, at 6:00 at the Plexpod Westport Commons. Tickets are $35 and include admission, drinks, snacks and a whole lot of laughter! Proceeds from this event go directly to Camp Encourage and scholarships for campers! Please help this #local charity raise the money so more parents can send their loved ones to a safe and special camp. Laughter and community is guaranteed! #givelocal #supportlocal #promoteKC

Tickets on sale now! Buy your ticket today!