Local Spotlight: Evening with the ‘Rents

Good Humored People with Big Hearts

Evening with the ‘Rents, a fundraiser for Camp Encourage, is this Friday, March 10th at the historic Gem Theater. The story behind this event is definitely worth telling.

Speech Pathologists, Kennan Stump and Matt Braun, both of New Balloon Therapy, had an idea four years ago after a night of listening to parents with children affected by autism tell their stories. So many parents, telling the same stories of their remakable children, funny stories on how autism had affected their lives. It wasn’t a way to complain about autism- it was a way to relate and empathise with each other. And with laughter, the idea was born.

Evening with the ‘Rents is first and foremost a comedy show. The comedians? Brave parents of children with ASD telling their real-life tales and tribulations with their kids. Each year, a new crop of parents volunteer their time to learn and train with local comedians to craft hilarious stories from their lives into stage-ready material. As these parents would tell you, “The joke is us” and the humorous ways they and the rest of the world react to some very unique challenges. The first year, they started small, at a venue that had a hole in the stage. So many people turned out, a surprise to Keenan and Matt, that they had lines at the bathroom and ran out of booze! Each year, the production has grown, now being held at the Gem Theater in the 18th & Vine Jazz district.

The event has become a popular local KC fundraiser for Camp Encourage, a local overnight camp for individuals with autism. In fact, this year, the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Mid-America Chapter honored Keenan, New Balloon Therapy Services, and An Evening with the ‘Rents at their National Philanthropy Day event. The ‘Rents were chosen as the recipient of the 2016 Avant Garde Award for Innovation in Fundraising. Cinematographer, Brandon Parigo a local Kansas City film maker, created a short multi-media story about An Evening with the Rents that has gained local and national attention.

The Beneficiary: Camp Encourage, a camp for children affected by autism spectrum disorders. To find out more about the fine folks at Camp Encourage visit campencourage.org.

Welcoming back past Rents’ comedians Olivia Cytrynowicz, Lindy Katzer, and Kris Ray as your emcees/hosts, Evening With The Rents will show us again that laughter is at the core of everything we do!

This year’s lineup will include:

Elizabeth Boresow
Scott Landes
Hope McPheeters
Jeff Nessel
Elizabeth Sileo

Do not miss your chance to be part of this wildly funny, unique occasion! Buy Tickets Here!