NKC Food Truck Pod Can Stay!

mackenpark-081415Food Fight is over in The Northland!

A month ago, the City of North Kansas City and the Parks & Recreation Department announced that they were launching a 2015 pilot food truck pod program. This program would bring several food trucks together in a “pod” at Macken Park allowing residents and visitors the opportunity to sample different flavors from around the metro area. I was thrilled! I love Food Trucks and though the Riverside Food Truck Friday has been gaining speed (and I love it!) it was nice to see a day to day opportunity come to the Northland.

In walked controversy. Phil Shaver, the co-owner of The Little Store two blocks away from Macken Park quoted to Fox4KC that it would, “… have a long term effect on my business.”

Shaver also said he was not opposed to the mobile food trucks, just the location of the trucks. “It was the placement of the food trucks that we felt was unfair,” Shaver added.

He said a lot of his business came from the local students at North Kansas City High School, who have an open lunch policy that allows them to leave campus, and setting up shop across the street was an unfair advantage.

In walked more complaints from owners of nearby restaurants.

“They bring the truck in, they compete against us for four hours, and then they drive away,” Monte Martello, 66, who owns a Dairy Queen, said during a recent City Council meeting in NKC.

In walked The NY Times, making NKC look foolish- small business owners fighting against the food trucks, though dozens of citizens, high school students, and concerned patrons fought to keep the “trial Food Truck Pod” as it would offer variety, choice, and life to the area.

I am happy to report that on September 10th, the City of North Kansas City Parks & Recreation Board voted 6 to 1 to continue allowing the Food Truck Pod to pilot the program in Macken Park through December.

Those of us that live in the Northland, and love the ambience and culture food trucks can bring to a city, cheered! Now let’s support the food trucks and hope that they stick around as long as the hungry citizens would like!

On to the good stuff- what trucks are here?

Boo Yah Asian–  This local truck’s mission is to “make the world a better place, one bite at a time.” It specializes in Asian Fusion cuisine, bringing together the best flavors of the east and the west. Our favorite: a grilled  pork chop with a lemongrass, chili pepper marinade that we tried at First Friday!

Plantain District– A Gourmet Cuban Food Truck that uses fresh ingredients from local markets. What to try? Their Cuban Sandwich of course (though we think the Cuban Chili Dog they served at Irish Fest sounds pretty amazing!)

Helen’s on Wheels- The Food Truck born to Ron Bredemeier, owner of Helen’s JAD Bar & Grill, a staple in NKC, was ready for the fight to stay in the Pod! We are so glad they did- awesome sandwiches and tacos- try them both, you won’t be disappointed.

American Fushion– Chef Tito, former owner of the brick and mortar Latin Bistro, and his American Fusion Truck brings the new concept of gourmet cuisine on wheels. He is creatively producing a fusion of Mexican, Italian, BBQ, and Latin flavors. Our favorites from First Friday: Mayan pork, pulled pork, beef brisket, fish tacos… the list could go on.

SSAACC Lunch-This truck offers a lunch fit for a queen. (Let them eat cake, anyone??) Soup, sandwich and a Cup Cake! A 3-course meal with a 16 oz. drink for $10. WHO CAN BEAT THAT??  The food is really good and priced right. They will definitely feed the Northland right!

Great choices that will build this community. Please go support these trucks at Macken Park- we know that NKC is pretty cool. Help us keep it that way! Trucks will be in Macken Park from 11:00-2:00 Monday- Friday and other trucks/vendors can apply here.